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Friday, May 15, 2015


This year 2015 has been a uphill battle for sporting duo Salma Bi and Muhammad Sohail.
Husband and wife went through the transition of married life, settling in and keeping up with their sporting careers.
However, as proven in history both have never failed to progress because of their positive mindsets.
Five-time national award winner and ambassador Salma is looking forward to her role in this year's Asian Cricket Awards.
Last year's winner of the Women in Cricket Award Salma is privileged to have been invited to present the accolade to this year's champion at Lord's.
This event is a highlight in the cricket world in the UK, bringing amazing talent all under one roof for one prestigious night of celebration.
Women in Cricket was a very special award for Salma, who has embarked on an amazing journey.
Knowing what it feels like being shortlisted, to winning on the night, Salma would like to mention a special thank you to sporting colleague and friend Halima Khan, who is this year's Asian Women of Achievement Award winner 2015.
Halima Khan has been in the sporting business field for years and has heaps of experience.
Recently recruited by Tennis England, Halima looks forward to creating a even bigger impact for more sporting role models. Halima has more or less been the backbone for Sporting Pathways Community Interest Company, run by Salma and Gemma Smith.
Halima has assisted and guided the girls to win bids for funding and has brought various talent for the world record sports events hosted by MadProductions.
We would like to see more great people such as Halima! Good luck to you and keep climbing that success ladder.

Normally we focus on Salma and her cricket activities but now making waves and working hard is her husband Muhammad Sohail, who has settled in the UK well after leaving his job as a head teacher in Pakistan.
Muhammad Sohail wants to pursue his dream to become a police officer so has taken up the role as a security officer.
Sports model Muhammad has been signed up by Tmp Modelling Agency, which is based in London, to push more of the celebrity status in sports showbiz.

Keeping an eye on the cricket world, Muhammad has a drive for athletics. A previous college/university champion, he has been selected for the Birmingham Racing Track Sports Club 100m sprint. He looks forward to representing the club this year with his previous record set at 10.12 seconds.
Muhammad will continue to be a role model for the younger generation and encourage the Asian community to get involved in athletics - something which is not always focused on.

Friday, February 20, 2015


IT'S been two years since Sporting Pathways and MAD Productions brought to the city of Birmingham the second of two unique Futsal events.
Why was it and its predecessor both unique? Because they were record-breakers!
In 2012, Salma Bi, a champion for women's sport, organised the first-ever Women’s 10-Hours Non-Stop Futsal Event at the Birmingham International Futsal Arena.
The game totaled over more than 100 goals, and its success convinced Salma to return a year later and attempt an even bigger record - the ‘Return of Revenge Tour’ - which saw women come together and compete in a 20-Hour Futsal World Record Marathon.
Now we are in 2015 and after introducing over 300 women to the sport of futsal, hosting eight other sports tournaments including cricket and dodgeball, as well as raising money for various charities, Salma has announced her latest plan - a women-only 30-Hours Futsal World Record Event which will take place on April 4 and 5, 2015.
This event will be the toughest to date and will require women from all over the country to compete and complete another world record.
The non-stop futsal marathon is scheduled to begin Saturday, April 4, at 12am and finish on Sunday, April 5, at 7pm.
Salma also represents the Great White Sharks, a futsal team which first made history as the first Asian team in Birmingham League. They won the Championship title last season.
Now the Sharks and friends collecting names for the forthcoming 30-Hour Futsal Marathon.
"This event has come back due to the high demand from women across Britain wanting to compete at a high level and break records," said Salma.
"We are now recruiting players and encourage women to register their teams ASAP to avoid disappointment."
The event is open to women over the age of 14 and registration fees are £50 per player.
As always this event will also be fundraising for a charitable cause.
This year's national Asian Cricket Award winner Salma and husband/head teacher Sohail Mughal wish to build a school for orphan children in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
The money raised will be to help build the Zain-Ul-Abideen Public School.
Salma went on to say: “We need unlimited players of all abilities and women that are set to make history as well as achieve their personal goals.
"We are also looking for businesses to either sponsor or set up stalls at the event and anyone interested should contact us direct”.

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up Now & Join the Force of Women in Sport!!

·         The event will take place in Birmingham Futsal Arena B19 2LF on Saturday 4th April to Sunday 5th April 7pm.
·         Applications are still being accepted.
·         To register as a team or individual contact Halima Khan on 07849 980 226 or email

·         For sponsorship enquiries and organisations who would like to get involved or set up a stall contact Halima Khan on the number and e-mail address above.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015






Wednesday, January 14, 2015


AWARD-WINNING cricketer Salma Bi is well-known throughout the UK's Asian communities for her remarkable achievements both on and off the field.
However, in 2015 Salma will be working in a new sporting partnership in every sense of the word.
In December 2013, the Birmingham-based sportswoman married head teacher Sohail Mughal in her husband's homeland of Pakistan.
Throughout the past year the couple have been involved in fund-raising to rebuild Zain-Ul-Abideen school in Azad Kashmir, where Sohail is the head.
The school is in desperate need of redevelopment and expansion, with the eventual aim of catering for 1,000 pupils, many of them orphaned children.

Salma has already started working hard in the UK to raise funds for the project. 
In April this year, she will host a 30-hour non-stop futsal marathon at Birmingham International Futsal Arena.
In the past two years, she has already staged 10 and 20-hour marathons for various charities, but this is her biggest challenge yet.

So who is Sohail Mughal?
He is a man who has been nurtured in an environment where he learned the only way to succeed was to work for your goals.
Sohail decided to pursue his career in education. Now a postgraduate and master student, Sohail has achieved more than what once looked impossible. 
His qualifications are: Ssc.Fa.BA.B.ed
Sohail works for a charity organisation in Azad Kashmir as a senior head teacher employed for over four years providing education to over 600 primary school children and supporting numerous teachers to progress in their careers.
Sohail was once offered a police officer's job whilst studying his law course. but always had the passion to offer his gifted and talented character to the next generation to follow.
He turned down the police position as he was Intending to marry Salma and did not want to commit to a long term 10-year contract with the force.

Recently Sohail completed his masters and until recently was part of the examining board setting up exam questions and pushing more potential students to better education.
When Sohail has not been presenting his education he has sport running in his blood.
He is a personal trainer at his local gymnasium, a fitness model, goes running and plays cricket as a batsman-wicket keeper.

Salma said: "Sohail has been through a lot of hardship, but enjoyed the journey to learn on his own and the right way. To fall and still get up. 
"This month he will move to the UK to live with me, but we will often go back for business purposes to achieve our dream of rebuilding the Zain-Ul Abideen school.
"He will convert his teaching degree here in the UK, play cricket and support me as his wife as well as continuing his ambition to rebuild the school back in Pakistan.
"Our motto is 'Not to Achieve One Job But to Conquer all the Jobs in this One Lifetime."

Thursday, December 11, 2014


AWARD-WINNING sportswoman and cricket ambassador Salma Bi ended 2013 on a real high as she married her dream partner and fellow philanthropist Sohail Mughal.
And 2014 has been just as eventful with local, national and even international success achieved by the Birmingham-based nurse, whose devotion to sport is unstinting.
This year began on an exciting note when Salma staged the unofficial Women's World Dodgeball Championship at the Birmingham Indoor Futsal Arena.
The event featured teams and players from Manchester, London, Brighton and Yorkshire and the overall winners were the Arctic Whales.
Funds were raised for a wonderful cause - Acid Survivors Trust International.
February saw Salma in the limelight when she featured in a two-page Profile Special in The Asian Today newspaper, a great supporter of our champion over the years.
In the article, Salma spoke a lot not just about her sport, but also her lifestyle, her work and recent marriage to Sohail, a head teacher in Pakistan who is endeavoring to bring better education facilities to the country.
Salma also revealed in February that there would be a thrilling new development in her annual T10 Indoor Cricket World Cup Tournament.
This year, the competition was to invite men's teams for the first time, and the event would support the Read Foundation.
A registered charity in the UK, Read Foundation originally started work in Pakistan and Kashmir where it runs 340 schools educating 80,000 children, employing 4,000 teachers and looking after 8,000 orphans, making it one of the largest educational NGOs of rural Pakistan.
March was a busy month for Salma as she organised the T10 Tournament, which was to take place at the Birmingham Futsal Arena and host four women's and four men's teams.
Saturday, April 5, saw 27 women take part in their T10 World Cup, featuring players from as far afield as London, Yorkshire, Walsall and Wales.
The overall winners were Australia, who finished with a 100% record and were deserved champions for a second year in a row. England, India and Pakistan also took part.
There were 24 men involved in their competition and it was the West Indies who emerged as winners, with South Africa and Bangladesh also participating.
March and April were all about T10 cricket - but May was all about outdoor cricket for Salma.
The first Asian woman to play for Worcestershire, the prolific wicket-taking off-spinner revealed in this month that she had landed a two-year sponsorship deal with SM Cricket, an internationally-renowned firm based in India, but with a base in England through Deal Direct (UK).
SM sponsored the legendary Sachin Tendulkar among others and Salma was also delighted to accept the contract as her husband bears the initials SM.

This month saw Salma's cricket progress well, playing for Birmingham club Five Ways Old Edwardians and North Wales team Hawarden Park.
She also took part in an enthralling interview with the Muslim Sports Council, of which she is an ambassador alongside famous names like Saqlain Mushtaq (cricket) and boxers Danny Williams and Haroon Khan.
In July, Sohail Mughal spoke to this blog about his pride at his wife's cricket achievements and her being nominated in the Women in Cricket category at this year's inaugural Asian Cricket Awards.
Salma and Sohail launched an appeal to raise £20,000 to build a primary and secondary school in a deprived area of Pakistan for up to 1,000 children.
It was also announced that Salma was to organise a 30-hour non-stop futsal marathon in 2015 to raise funds for the school project.
Salma opened her doors to prove her blogs and are not all about her, but embrace all sports people who want publicity - especially women.
We interviewed Ambreen Sadiq, an up and coming boxer from Keighley, Yorkshire, aiming to become the next Nicola Adams.
September was also the month to celebrate another amazing cricket season for Salma.
Her best bowling figures came when she represented Five Ways and opened the attack against Lutterworth CC, claiming 9-6-7-2.
She added to her list of honours when she represented Cheshire based on her performances for Hawarden Park CC.
Salma was also invited to represent southern team Club Cricket Conference against on-tour side Hong Kong, bagging 3-7 in six overs. She now looks forward to going on tour with CCC next year in Barbados.
For Hawarden, Salma made a career best score of 71 and helped the team win their T20 Cheshire League and Cup double.
One of - if not THE greatest sporting achievement of Salma's life occurred in October.
At the first-ever Asian Cricket Awards staged at Lord's, Salma won the Women in Cricket category.
This delivered international recognition to the spin bowler, who has won many past plaudits and awards for getting more women involved in the sport.
She is not just a great player - she is also a tremendous ambassador for the game.
Player of the Year went to Worcestershire and England's Moeen Ali - so that just proves the quality of guest that graced this event.
For her achievement, Salma received media attention all over the world.

In November, Salma announced her 30-hour futsal marathon would be held at the Birmingham Futsal Arena on April 4 and 5, 2015.
She has already hosted and participated in 10-hour and 20-hour non-stop marathons at the same venue over the past two years, raising thousands of pounds for various charities.
This blog also revealed more this month about the main man in Salma's life - Sohail Mughal.
Salma's main sporting achievements have been about cricket, but in December, Futsal took over the headlines!
The Great White Sharks, formed in 2011 and the first-ever all-Asian female team to compete in the Birmingham Women's Futsal League, won their first silverware when they finished top of the Championship, beating ABCDE FC in their final game.
Sharks had been relegated from the Premiership the previous season, but bounced right back in style, with Vicky Roe scoring an amazing 65 goals for the team.
Other highlights of 2014 for Salma were a place in the final of the Birmingham Sports Awards, plus a visit to Pakistan and a tour of Lahore PCB with Sohail.
Also, on December 20, Salma and Sohail celebrate a year of marriage. Congratulations!


Thursday, November 27, 2014


Who is Sohail Mughal?

Recently we've heard about a new revolution in the sporting world and this is no ordinary setting - this Involves a sporting duo who are making a huge impact on and off the field!
Sohail Mughal has been nurtured in an environment where he learned the only way to succeed was to work for your goals.
Sohail went on to pursue his career in education. Now a postgraduate and master student Sohail has achieved more than what once looked impossible. 
His qualifications are as follows: Ssc.Fa.BA.B.ed
Sohail works for a charity organisation in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, as a senior head teacher employed for over four years providing education to over 600 primary school children and supporting numerous teachers to progress in their careers.
Sohail was once offered a police officer job whilst studying his law course but always had the passion to offer his gifted and talented character to the next generation to follow.
Recently Sohail completed his masters and is now part of the examining board setting up exam questions and pushing more potential students to better education.
When Sohail isn't presenting his education he has sport running in his blood.
He is a personal trainer at his local gymnasium, a fitness model, goes running and plays cricket as a batsman-wicket keeper.
You may have guessed it by now....
He is the perfect match and husband to national ambassador and multi-award winner Salma Bi.
Both husband and wife are full of positive vibes and determined to set a great example for generations to come. 
Leaving a legacy is what they look to do and that is through pushing on their dual project by building the Zain-Ul-Abideen public school which provides education for deprived orphaned children for years to follow. 
Sohail Mughal looks to share his expertise in getting the community together to fund for this great cause whilst Salma will continue to raise money by organising world record-breaking sports events.
When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece. 
Sohail and Salma both know how tough life can be.
Listed in this article are only the highlights of their achievements (read more about Salma's remarkable sporting career elsewhere on this blog) but they still continue to take lessons from all the downfalls they've had during the trying times. 
Good luck to the couple who are not only role models but also great personalities that we need to see more of!